About Us

About Us


tSt Aviation was established on 26 February 2007. Our company is comprised of dedicated team of aviation professionals providing financial, commercial, technical and legal services to the aviation market. We cooperate with the organizations and individual aviation professionals varying with the scope of the projects.


We are mainly active in three major services; Aircraft Transactions (Wet Lease, Dry Lease, Sale, Sale and Lease Back, Aircraft Order from Manufacturer), Representations to various Aviation Companies, including Aircraft Manufacturers, Aircraft Finance and Leasing Companies, Airlines, Llyod Insurance Brokers and Engineering Companies and Consultancy, Trainings Services to the Airlines mainly, in the subject of Aircraft Type Selection, Aircraft Lease Negotiatiation and Review, Aircraft Fleet Planning, Aircraft Fleet Restructuring, Aircraft Order, Aircraft Engine Order, Business Plan Write and Review and Airline Start-Up.


Our main services are;


Aircraft Transactions: We aim to be the first point of contact for all of your Commercial Aircraft needs. Please kindly check our Aircraft Availabilities from Aircraft link in our web-site, and send your inquires to us. Our team would be glad to provide you best assistance matching with your requirements.


Consultancy and Reporting Services: Our experienced and highly qualified team offers a comprehensive range of services including aviation financial, legal, commercial and technical services. Our specialisms include international services and services to aircraft/engine manufacturers, aircraft leasing companies, finance companies, investors, insurers, airlines, MROs, brokers and agents. We have the knowledge and expertise to support your business from start-up to commence your operations and also for the current operators. Our tailored personal service starts with the assignment of an aviation consultant that personally looks after all your financial and legal business advice needs and works cooperatively with you to get a real understanding of your business and its aspirations. Your personal contact is then best placed to proactively support your business, backed up by a highly experienced professional team with specialist knowledge across a broad range of different areas in aviation.


For more information, please kindly check Consultancy, Trainings pages of our web site.


Representation Services: We are proud to represent Meridiana Group of Airlines, Meridiana and Air Italy, from Italy, and Hifly from Portugal in the subject of aircraft remarketing services for their extra capacities to be served to the aviation market. Furthermore, we are very happy to provide Engineering services with our technical partner, Inter Informatics, a Czech Republic base company.


You can find more information about our Representation Services from Representations link


Our main achievements in our careers and within our company are,


◦ Country Consultant for ATR, Aircraft Manuafacturer and BGI&GBJ, Aircraft Insurance(Lloyd Broker)

◦ Aircraft Fleet Restructuring Consultancy for a flag carrier

◦ Airline Start-up Consultancy

◦ Aircraft C Check Management,

◦ Aircraft Engine Order from Manufacturers, total 112 engines

◦ Commercial Aircraft Transactions,

◦ 5xA330-200, 19xA320-200, 12xA321-200 order from Airbus,

◦ 23xB737-800 order from Boeing,

◦ Total 112 engine order from GE & IAE,

◦ 14xB737-400 dry lease extension with GECAS,15xA320-200, 2xA321-100, 4xA321-200 dry lease with leading Aircraft Leasing Companies, including GECAS, ILFC, Macquire, BBAM, ACG, Mitsubishi,

◦ 1x B757-200 dry lease from ILFC,

◦ 1xMD82 wet lease for an airline in Pakistan,

◦ 1x B737-300 dry lease to an operator in CIS,

◦ 3x A310-300F purchase from Emirates SkyCargo

◦ 1x A300B4F wet-lease to TAP Portugal, 1x A300B4F wet-lease to Libya Airlines,

◦ 2x A300B4F and 1x A310-300F wet-lease to US Military,

◦ Long term cargo contracts with UK, Dutch, Norwaigian, Irish MODs and UN&NATO,

◦ 1x B737-300, dry-lease for 48 months,

◦ 4x B737-800, wet-lease for 12 months,

◦ 1x A320-200, dry-lease for 72 months,

◦ 1x A330-200, damp-lease for 12 months

◦ 1x A330-200 & 1x A330-300, damp-lease for 12 months


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