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Best Sources for Commercial Aircraft and Engine Availability


Did you get tired of dealing with unauthorized agents claiming to have Commercial Aircraft and Engines and waste your valuable times?

Do you cross check various sources for availability of aircraft/engine or a business to commit your aircraft every month?

Would you like to reduce your marketing workload and to concentrate on negotiations with seriously interested parties willing to purchase or lease your aircraft or engines?

If your answers are YES to above, we have good news for you. We recently introduced JetSource, comprised of 3 editions; JetMarket, RegionalMarket and EngineMarket.

1- We can market your aircraft and engines in JetSource for Free !

+ Free marketing available in JetMarket for Commercial Jets

+ Free marketing available in RegionalMarket for Regional Jets & Turboprops

+ Free marketing available in EngineMarket for Engines

2- We provide more coverage to our subscribers in global availabilities than any other source in the world; (Availability in Nov 2016 issue)

Commercial Jets 501 units


Regional Aircraft 304 units


Engines & APUs 371 units


3- We provide more user friendly format in JetSource

+ Your clients do not need to have a print out copy, pdf format can work for them much more better.

+ They can send direct emails by clicking on your e-mail address only

+ They can easily recognize the right aircraft matching with their needs in tabular format

4- We provide more reliability by cross checking the marketer;

+ You have an access to aircraft or engines from owners, airlines or exclusive agents only

5- and most importantly, we provide lowest price to our subscribers in the market (for Annual Subscription (12 issues per year);


Order your annual subscription to JetSource to get an advantage on 2016 rates. Please contact us from