Business Plan Write & Review

As tSt, we highly believe that a well prepared Business Plan to explain well your intent,

– to Start-up an Airline,

– to Lease an Aircraft from an Aircraft Leasing Company,

– to order brand new Aircraft from Manufacturer,

– to grant finance for your Aircraft Acqusitions,

plays a key factor on the future of your Airline.


Sample Firct Class Seating for Your Airline:


A proper Business Plan should include satisfactory and defendable information, against the comments to be received from Aircraft Manufacturers, Aircraft Leasing and Finance Companies. We use a format already proven itself by granting finance from US Exim in the past, following the brand new order from Boeing.

Upon your request, we form a Business Plan to well adress to your Business Model and enpower your hand during the negotiations with the third party providers. If you believe that you have been overcharged for a Business Plan, full of excell sheets, but weak in defence to protect your rights, we would be very gald to review your Business Plan to check the consistency with your Business Model.


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